Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reflections: Looking Back

Over the course of the semester, so far, I think I have defined the path I want my writing to take but one of my most interesting pieces was from the earlier weeks of the class.  It is Rama and the Cursed and it is told from the viewpoint and is told in a report style.  One of my most favorite readings so far has been the Mahabharata.  One of my favorite stories in there is how Arjuna got his celestial weapons during his exile.  The interactions in this class are unique.  While I do not have any relationship with other students, I recognize the names.  For this class, I do the homework with all of my other homework throughout the day with priority to whatever is due first.  This schedule has remained the same throughout the semester.  I do some of my homework on campus but most of my homework is completed at my apartment.  After the first couple of weeks, I have not done another growth mindset challenge.  I would say that this class has been a good opportunity to practice the growth mindset activities.  If I do the work, I get a good grade but I also have to revise the work, and continue to improve my writing every week.  Like with the growth mindset I did not do any curation after the first couple of weeks.  I am able to keep track of what I learn each week and find it easily because most information I usually download and save.  

Snail crawling (Source: staticflickr)


  1. Hey Ethan!
    Like you I normally do this specific online class at my apartment. I feel most comfortable at my apartment so when I do homework there my homework is a little more enjoyable. I think it’s cool that you write your stories in a report style. My portfolio is a gossip style. That is kind of similar to a reporting style. They are both reporting something.

  2. Hey again! I have already commented on your introduction so I thought I would comment on this as well. I first off love this quote and the picture of the snail with it is great. I find it interesting that you liked the Mahabharata so much. I have really had a hard time relating with and understanding that story. The movie for it has helped me a lot.